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I only wish I had been as aware and forthcoming with my teachers as you were Karen. My guess is that Mr. Eid knew exactly how you felt about him, and it's clear that he respected you as well.

Alex Eid

Karma moment to happen across this blog article. One thing to know your father, another to hear someone else speak of the man you know. He went on to work for Xerox for more then 20 years, thought the xeroxing machine was going to be the next best thing.

Lovely article, he is missed by many family, friends and those he touched along the way.

2nd son! Alex

Stories from South of Detroit

Alex, I was completely thrilled to see your comment. THANK YOU...for taking the time to read my blog, and for commenting on the post I wrote about your dad. You sure look like him (minus white hair!) I miss him too... xxxooo

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